Maple Village Country Club

MVCC COVID-19 Guidelines
We want to thank you for your patience as we navigate through these uncharted waters. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven challenging for businesses like ours. Below are the protocols that we have put in place to meet the state guidelines and keep our members safe. We ask that you please adhere to these guidelines and are respectful to the pool staff that are tasked with enforcing them. All pool information will be sent electronically and posted on the website. Please do not call the pool.

MVCC COVID-19 Operating Guidelines
• Pool can only operate at 75% of bather load or 228 members at a time
• Pool hours will be 11AM to 9PM and divided into three 3-hour blocks or “spots” (11AM-2PM, 2:30PM-5:30PM & 6PM-9PM)
• The pool will close completely between blocks to properly sanitize
• Members may have to sign-up for a 3-hour spot to gain entry
• If necessary, sign-up for spots will be available through the MVCC website
• Spots for the day will available approximately 24 hours prior (i.e. all of Friday’s spots will be posted before 11AM on Thursday)
• Spots are available on a first-come, first served basis
• Members will not be allowed to leave and return during their spot
• Any member that does not check-in 30 minutes after their scheduled spot will forfeit their spot
• Walk-ups will be accepted after scheduled members have checked-in AND if we have capacity
• Check-in may be slower than normal, please be patient
• LIMIT OF 2 GUESTS allowed until further notice
• Concessions will be open, but please give at least 6 feet social distance at the counter
• Families will need to sit together and need to maintain at least 6 feet between other members
• MVCC will not be checking out any pool toys (goggles, balls, noodles, etc.)
• The pool deck will be configured for social distancing. Please do not move chairs or tables
• Anyone not abiding by the COVID-19 protocols will be asked to leave and may have their membership revoked
• Swim Team is canceled. Refunds will be provided
• There will be no pool parties during business hours. See manager if you are interested in an after-hours party
• Swim lessons are canceled. Refunds will be provided
• Pool protocols can change at any given time without notice
• Pool Manager has authority to amend rules and guidelines
• By entering the pool, you are agreeing to all the rules, protocols & regulations

We hope the restrictions will loosen and things will return to normal, however until then we must abide by the guidelines. The board asks that you work with us so we can stay open. Thank you for your cooperation.